Safely provides real time, continuous charging to EVs IN MOTION

  • Power transmitted through air gap from transmitter to vehicles
  • Operators not required to stop to recharge – no idle time
  • Power flow is uninterrupted when vehicle is over charging track
  • Single transmitter lane and support 100% of moving vehicles
  • Lower cost hardware than other dynamic charging solutions
  • Doubles as static charging system without requiring precise stopping points
  • People can safely walk around vehicles during charging and over /near transmitter when vehicles not charging

Lab scale proven, looking for those interested in up sizing for applicable vehicles such as:

  • Fork Trucks
  • Shuttle buses and vans
  • Drayage, Yard, Port, AGV and Factory Trucks
  • Switcher locomotives
  • Other vehicles that consistently drive in predictable locations
Test Rig

Prototype Dynamic Wireless Charging Testing Success

Battery Electric Powered Locomotive

Grant Funding Approved for DWPT