DWPT’s innovative technology provides solutions that mean you never need to stop and plug into refill your electric vehicle’s battery, because the battery is refilled in normal use. This leads to smaller battery packs, reduced vehicle weight and elimination of range anxiety.

We can assist you in outfitting your EVs to provide for a custom solution, designed for your application. We look forward to discussing your fleet and operation to see if we have a dynamic wireless charging solution for you.

DWPT has successfully completed prototype testing of a 1/7 scale model of the novel and patented dynamic charging technology and is now has plans to apply to battery electric power to a fork truck, a shuttle van and a locomotive.

The approach uses a series of adjacent ferrite plates and copper bands to provide a stable inductive resonant field between the stationary transmitter and the test vehicle (lab cart in photo). The innovative control technology provides for power to be transmitted essentially nonstop, unlike other dynamic approaches which require distinctly spaced transmitters which lead to cyclic power exchange. The plates and bands comprise a series of transmitters and receivers, but closely knit, so the transmission is constant when engaged.  Integral control logic provides for seamless handoffs between neighboring plates and bands, effectively providing continuous power transfer when the vehicle receiver is over the transmitter.

See our demonstration video.

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